Horizontal rib tutorial

STIORRA - horizontal rib neckbandThis tutorial shows you how to work horizontal rib in the round – I used it to make the neckband in Stiorra pattern, published in Knitty Spring Summer 2016.

Horizontal rib can be used as an alternative to 1×1 rib and works well both with light knits and lace. It starts with a flexible bind off round, which creates a decorative horizontal line of Vs. The bound off edge is very stretchy and each stitch has an extra loop at the back which will be used to pick up all the stitches again. 

Next, a pick-up round is worked, followed by a knit round. The knit round can be worked with or without decreases, depending on where the rib is – you will need some decreases if you use it for a neckband, otherwise decreases might not be necessary. The whole process (bind off, pick up, 1 knit round) is repeated once more, then all stitches are bound off.


Horizontal rib tutorial by Ewelina Murach1.  Bind off rnd: Place a removable marker into the first stitch of the bind off round.

Note: The bind off rnd must be worked tightly.


Horizontal rib tutorial by Ewelina Murach

2. Yo, purl the marked stitch (keeping the marker), pass the yo over the marked stitch. Ensure the beginning yo is tight.


Horizontal rib tutorial

3. Yo, purl 1 stitch – you have 3 stitches on the right needle. Inserting the tip of your left needle from the left, pass the yo and the stitch to the right of the yo over the last purl stitch.



4. Repeat Step 3 until you have run out of stitches.

This is what the finished bind off rnd looks like: there is a horizontal V at the front and another loop at the back of each stitch. The bind off rnd should not be too tight or too loose. If it looks considerably looser than the stitches underneath, you need to use a smaller needle.

After bind off, you have 1 stitch on the right needle and there is a gap between the beginning and end of the rnd.



5. To close the gap, work as follows: Yo, knit into the stitch with marker, remove the marker, then pass the yo and the stitch to the right of the yo over the last knit stitch.

There is still a small gap between the beginning and end of the bind off rnd – we will close it at the beginning of the next rnd.



6. Pick-up rnd: Pick up and knit 1 stitch inserting the tip of your right needle in the back loop of the first bound off stitch to the left.



7. Pass the stitch on the right over the picked up stitch – this closes the gap between the bind off rnd and the new rnd.



8. Pick up and knit 1 stitch to every stitch of the bind off rnd, inserting the right needle into the back loops of the bind off rnd.



9. This is what picked up stitches should look like, with a horizontal row of Vs under them.


2 BO rnds completed

10. Knit rnd: Knit the next round, working decreases as instructed in the pattern.

Note: You only need decreases if you work neckband. If you use horizontal rib to finish sleeves or lower edge, no decreases are needed. 

Work another bind off rnd.

finished BO

11. Work another pick up rnd, followed by a knit rnd, and a bind off rnd. This is what the finished rib looks like.


I used a variation of the horizontal rib described above to finish several patterns, including Sunny – a lace tee made with fingering yarn (you can see it here).

green 2

To work this version of horizontal rib (in the round), follow steps 1-9 above (a bind off rnd, followed by a pick up rnd), but omit the knit round in step 10. Instead, work another bind off rnd.

Download a pdf version of this tutorial: 

Horizontal Rib Tutorial by Ewelina Murach 20March2016


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